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This is the story of a person and his dream.


It feels like yesterday when at the age of 19 I left a city in southern Italy and moved to Tuscany to study and graduate in Aerospace Engineering.


My graduation paper was published and discussed at an international conference thanks to its developments on precision gears. This ensured that my brand gained early worldwide prestige in its first years in spite of my young age in comparison to my colleagues.


At 31 years old I moved to Florence to work for an aircraft manufacturer founded in the 70s as a competitor to an established local business that dealt in watches and maritime precision instruments.


During those years I had the chance to experience the most advanced optical human-machine interface technologies and the human factor that determines the successful unambiguous interpretation of avionic control instruments.

Later, while in charge as the managing director of an avionic maintenance company, I would come to appreciate the technological complexity of flight navigation instruments. They combined in one single object all the experience I had previously acquired in my professional background.


The complex mechanics of these instrument could produce catastrophic effects on the safety of the flight if they didn’t always perform work to utmost perfection or if they didn’t consistently show the pilot unequivocal information.


From this world and the path I traced across it along my journey, what I had once just dreamed became reality.


Passion, work, heart, but most of all time, made so that I became and embodied Nazareno Rossetti.