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Our intuitions

Smart, casual, sporty: no matter how you feel, the design of Nazareno Rossetti perfectly adapts to your mood.

With every revolution the hour hand traces on the dial, you have 43.200 new opportunities and moments to capture in your life. With your Nazareno Rossetti you won't miss out on any of these. Always with you, always on your wrist.

One of the peculiarities of Nazareno Rossetti is having been dreamed first, then envisioned and finally entirely designed by hand. A passion for engineering, tech and time itself is what led one of Nazareno Rossetti's descendants to turn a concept into an idea and, eventually, an idea into a design. It is on the pages of a notebook that Nazareno Rossetti's design was born and developed.


The case, protected by a stainless steel bezel, is held by 4 screws and is inspired by the design of flight instruments. Planes are indeed the true masters of space, they have carried man beyond their own imagination ever since they ever dreamed of flying. Only who is in control of space can also master time.


The bridge protecting the crown represents the union and flow between space and time. Giving a Nazareno Rossetti watch as a present means giving  birth to a tradition: from father to son, from family to family. The same seconds come back in our lives and continue their race on the very same watches. The bridge has a unique EU-registered design  (N.008608392-0002)


Measuring time is a pleasure, but in certain moments it is a necessity as well. We asked ourselves how to  ensure  that Nazareno Rossetti  never fails at its main duty. The two layers together with the the sapphire-coated glass manags to make the dial perfectly visible from any angle and in any outdoor light conditions. The first layer is etched and rests on the second which is in Super-Luminova, just like the hands. These features come from the visibility requirement standards in avionics.


We can't be perfect, but we can strive for perfection.

When it comes to the mechanism, Nazareno Rossetti doesn't settle and it features an entirely customised movement. It is a Swiss self-winding movement with an aiguillage  featuring personalised customizations by Nazareno Rossetti. 4 Hertz frequency, 28,000 vibrations per hour. 28 jewels. Power reserve up to 41 hours. Lift angle of balance wheel 52°. Date, hours, minutes and seconds function.